Pam's Dog Academy
Canine Conditioning/Strength Training (Sunday's 1 - 2pm)

Canine Conditioning/Strength Training (Sunday's 1 - 2pm)

Where: Pam's Dog Academy (Pamela Johnson)
    3610 Wisecarver Lane
    Jamul, CA 91935
    (619) 888-3139

When: Sunday's - Starting December 10, 2017  
Duration: 5 Weeks
Time: 1 - 2pm

Why am I qualified to teach a canine conditioning class?  For the last year I have been taking rehabilitation/physical therapy sessions with my border collie Twix that had emergency herniated disc surgery.  I have brought him back from not being able to walk to running.  I did this through the use of strength and conditioning exercises.  I have taken many courses in Canine Conditioning with instructors such as Bobbie Lyons, Robby Porter and Twix's physical therapist has taught me more than I had ever wanted to learn about rehab and sports conditioning for dogs.  I also have a degree in Kinesiology (for humans) that has transferred nicely to my understanding of canine body mechanics, movement, strength and conditioning as they really are not that different.  My full time job is a Physical Education teacher and coaching 11 - 15 year olds.

This class will be held on our fenced 5000 square foot grass field.  

This canine conditioning class for dogs that compete in dog sports or for dog owners that would simply like to work on their dogs overall fitness, strength, coordination and balance.   For the last year I have been rehabilitating my border collie that had emergency herniated disc surgery.  Twix has been recovering nicely and I believe there are a few reasons why he has recovered so well.   Twix was in really great shape prior to his accident and knew tons of tricks that I have been able to use to build his strength after his surgery.  

We will use:
Balance Equipment to build core, limb strength and for stretching
 - Peanuts
 - Balance Discs
 - Wobble Boards
 - FitPaws Bones
 - FitPaws Pods
 - Rocker Boards
 - Foam Pads

Klimbs & Platforms to build strength 
 - Step ups
 - Body Awareness tricks (spin right and left)

Weight Shifting Exercises/Tricks
Body & Proprioception Awareness
 - Hind end awareness cavaletti's
 - Crouching (crawling) cavaletti's

This class will be taught using stations and each dog/handler team will rotate from station to station.  

This will be a fun class and will help strengthen your canine athlete!

Pamela Johnson, M.A Kinesiology, CPDT-KA

125 USD