Pam's Dog Academy
Agility Novice Class  (Sunday's 9am - 10am)

Agility Novice Class (Sunday's 9am - 10am)

Where: Pam's Dog Academy (Pamela Johnson)
    3610 Wisecarver Lane
    Jamul, CA 91935
    (619) 888-3139

When: Sunday's - Starting January 28, 2018   
Duration: 5 Weeks
Time: 9am - 10am

This class is for anyone that would like to get started with dog Agility.   We will work on foundation behaviors, training each obstacle, build confidence on and or around the agility obstacles and start to put together small sequences for those dogs and handlers that are ready.  

In this class you will continue learning and proofing behaviors:
Foundation behaviors
 - Hand Targeting
 - Release Cues
 - Agility flatwork
 - Sit/Wait
 - Drive forward

Agility Obstacles (A-Frame, Dog Walk, Teeter, Weave Poles, Table, Hoop, Jumps, Tunnel)
Proper Jumping Mechanics & Jump Patterns
Start line Stay
Back Chaining

Expect to get to class at least 10 minutes early to help set up.  

On the first class, I will have a waiver for you to fill out.  

1. You will need to bring a dog crate if your dog is used being in a crate or bring a mat for your dog to relax on.  We will have straw bails to sit on but you are welcome to bring your own chair if you prefer.   You can bring a towel or small blanket to put on the straw bails... 

2. Your dog should be on a harness and be leashed when on our property and not in the agility field.  When working, dogs will run naked or with just a collar.   

3. Do not let your dog interact with the other dogs as not all dogs want to interact.  It is also a place for training and not a time for socializing with other dogs.  

4. Bring high value treats (cheese, meat, or something that is easy for your dog to consume that he loves)

5. Bring a tug toy or a floppy frisbee. (A ball or something that can't be tugged on is more of a challenge when teaching agility, but if that is the only toy your dog loves, bring it.)

I look forward to meeting you and your dog!  

Pamela Johnson, M.A., CPDT-KA

150 USD