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Tricks that can enhance your canine freestyle or disc dogging routine...

Presented by: Pamela Johnson

DVD- 2 disc set plus 1 CD-Rom

TRT: 3 hrs 55 mins

This DVD focuses on teaching innovative safe ways to combine canine freestyle tricks in a disc dogging routine. This is not just for disc doggers, but anyone interested in training eye catching tricks and putting behavior chains together. Pamela will show you how to train complex tricks by breaking them down in an easy step–by-step process to ensure success.  Some tricks include: Acrobatic tricks - such as the chest rebound, cartwheel, flip-dog-catch; Crowd Pleasing tricks - such as wide circles, backing up at a distance; and Jumping tricks – including jumping over the legs, arms and back.  The DVD will cover ways to make your routine more interesting and flowing with the use of choreography and transitions. Pamela explains how to train your dog to work for any reward, whether it be with food, toys, play or other learned behaviors, and the benefits of this training.

You will also learn how to fade the Frisbee, in other words, teach your dog to do behaviors without having to have a disc in your hand. The technical skills of throwing the disc are not covered in this DVD, but the importance of keeping your dog safe and injury free. This DVD also provides tips on building a routine, and music editing.

40 USD