Pam's Dog Academy

Canine Freestyle Workshop (Auditing Spot)

October 14 & 15 
Saturday October 14th 9am - 4pm
Sunday October 15th 9am - 4pm

Pamela Johnson's Property in Jamul, CA 
3610 Wisecarver lane
Jamul, CA 91935

Have you ever wanted to do Canine Freestyle (dance with your dog) but do not know how to get started? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you!
Pamela Johnson, CPDT-KA, MA will show you how! 

This workshop will be two days of fun tricks, working with props, building mini-routines and much more.

Day 1:
Getting Behaviors (Shaping, Capturing, Luring, Targeting)

Getting and keeping your dogs attention

What do you do if your dog does not do a behavior? Learn why dogs might not do behaivors and how to build more value in the behaviors to get your dog to want to perfrom.

Tricks, Tricks and more Tricks
- Front Paw Tricks 
- Back Paw Tricks
- Acrobatic Tricks 
- Stationary Tricks 
- Cute & Fun Tricks 
- Moving Tricks - 

Building a connection with your dog through play

Day 2:
Tricks with Props (cane tricks & other props)

Chaining and Backchaining Behaviors/Tricks

Positions for heel work 

Transitions - Linking tricks together in a smooth fashion 

Creating Contrast with tricks to make a routine look more interesting

Picking Music 

Building Routines - using mini-combinations

* It will be a fun filled weekend! 
Working spots will be limited to 6 dog/handler teams - $300

Auditing spots are limited to 5 - $150

Pamela Johnson's Tawzer Dog DVDs, Snuffle Matz and Organic Farm Fresh Eggs will also be available for purchase.

150 USD