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Loose Leash Walking DVD

Loose Leash Walking DVD

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Loose Leash Walking DVD 

This is a two disc set and every episode is developed to help you train your dog to have focus, walk nicely, give you challenges, proofing exercises and extra episodes. 

If you are a dog trainer, this DVD will give you a ton of fun games to play with your clients in your group classes or private sessions. It even gives you enough information to use in a leash walking seminar or workshop. 

If you are a pet dog owner and have been struggling with teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash, this video will help! Not only will you learn how to get your dog to walk on a loose leash, but you will learn fun games to play to strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Watch me 1
Watch me 2
Watch me 3
Let's Go
Positive Interrupter
Food on the ground
Food to the mouth
Vary the Reinforcement
Premack Bowl Exercise
Adding Distractions
LLW with Eye Contact 1
LLW with Eye Contact 2
LLW with Eye Contact 3
Face to Face
Parallel Walking
Following a dog
LLW Challenges
Obstacle Course
Box Heeling
Prance & Back up at heel
CGC Walking in a crowd
Walk in a Crowd
Meet & Greet
LLW to Calm around high level distractions
LLW around Kids jogging
LLW with Multiple Dogs
Puppy's 1st Session

This Loose Leash Walking DVD in packed with information on leash walking as well as other important tips and training advice.
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