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Off Leash Reliability Through Relationship Building Games

A great way to bond with your dog!

Presented by: Pamela Johnson

DVD- 2 disc set plus 1 CD-Rom

TRT: 2 hrs 33mins

This DVD gives step-by-step instruction on how to train a variety of fun games that will help build off-leash reliability.  These games focus on teaching you how to get your dog’s attention and to maintain it, build your dog’s trust, come when called, and ultimately work with you off-leash.  The games taught in this DVD are enjoyable creative ways to help you and your dog connect and bond.  First, you will learn how to attain the behavior without distractions either on or off-leash.  Second, you will learn how to increase criteria. Lastly, you will learn to proof behaviors by slowly adding distractions.  

You will learn some exciting games in this DVD that you may never have used before.  A few examples: the foot-touch recall, reward-with-a-trick recall, surprise-party recall, clip-on clip-off, environmental exploration of stationary and moving objects… and much more! You will learn how to train your dog to do amazing behaviors without force, without intimidation, and without nagging.  The goal is for your dog to love working with you and enjoy learning.  The exercises in this DVD are suitable for pet dog parents of all skill levels, and trainers that would like to add fun new games to their group classes. 

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