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Play-N-Train Recalls

Play-N-Train Recalls

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The Play-N-Train Recalls DVD will help you build an amazing recall with your dog. Teaching your dog to come to you is an extremely important behavior and is essential if you are planning on doing dog sports, want to take your dog to the beach, or just want your dog to come when faced with an emergency. In this class you will learn and play fun recall games that teach your dog to want to come when called because coming to you is a wonderful thing and pays off. In addition to training your dog to come when called, you will build a close relationship with your dog through fun training games.

A few examples of the many fun recall games that will be taught in this DVD:
Give Me Hugs Recall
Thigh Pat Recall
Toy Chase Recall
Chase Me Recall
Cat Food Recall
Call Away Recall
Reward With a Trick Recall
Kissy Noise Recall
Whistle Recall
Restraint Recall
Surprise Party Recall
What is THAT? Recall

All the games and exercises in this class use clicker training and ONLY Force Free positive methods!

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