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Pocket Disc

Pocket Disc

Please note there is a $15 shipping fee on all my products.  However, if it costs me less to ship an item, I will refund you the difference.  The website we use prevents me from attaching different shipping costs to different items...  Thank you for your understanding!

The Pocket Discs are made with 100% cotton, floats and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Each Disc is $20 

Assorted styles (We choose for you)

My dogs and I love the Pocket Disc because:

1. It is safe for their teeth!
2. Vets recommend the Pocket Disc because it can actually clean the dogs teeth as they play with it.
3. You can play tug with it.
4. If you are like me and can't really throw a frisbee all that well, you will be able to throw the Pocket Disc. Even if the throw is horrible, your dog will be able to catch it because the disc will collapse and this makes it easy for your dog to catch it.
5. It can be used indoor or outdoor.
6. You can use the Pocket Disc to train tricks.
7. The Pocket Disc can be quickly and easily stored in your pocket.
20 USD