Pam's Dog Academy
Puppy Socialization/Training Class (Sunday's 2:30 - 3:30pm)

Puppy Socialization/Training Class (Sunday's 2:30 - 3:30pm)

Sunday's 2:30 - 3:30pm 
Starting: January 28, 2018
$125 for 4 Weeks

Pam's Dog Academy
3610 Wisecarver lane
Jamul, CA 91935
(619) 888-3139

Training Instructor: Chancel Siebuhr, KPA, CPDT-KA

Treats (cheese, chicken, beef are good high value rewards)
Mat for your dog to lay down on

This is a rough draft of the things you will learn in class...  It may or may not go exactly in this order and will depend on the current levels of the puppies and owners.  

Week 1: 
Interrupting unwanted behaviors in a positive way
Getting Started with Clicker/Marker Training - Why I use the term cue and not command...  
Luring - Fading a Lure
Release Cue

Week 2:
Positive Interrupter around distractions
Play-N-Train Recalls - Recalls around distractions
Sit/Down - Stay
Meet a dog and then come back to owner
Leave it - It is your choice game
Go to a mat

Week 3:
Sit/Down Stay with distractions 
Go to a Mat and Settle
Release to Play - Recall Back (Repeat)
Building Confidence on and around new objects and obstacles
Building Confidence on different surfaces
Learning a drop cue

Week 4:
Play-N-Train Recall Games
Leave it - Increasing Criteria
Go to a mat and down
Premack Principle Bowl Game - Dogs learn that in order to get what they want they must first do what we want.  (This is an impulse control game)
Leash Walking - Leash Pressure Game

Week 5:
Leash Walking - Adding Distractions
Leave it - Increasing Criteria
Move to a mat and down - Building value for relaxing
Play with your puppy without food or toys

Other topics might include:
Potty Training, Crate Training, Bite Inhibition, Nipping at hands/feet/clothing, Dog Food, etc...
125 USD