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Rock Solid Stay

Rock Solid Stay

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Train any dog to have a ROCK SOLID STAY!

This DVD will give trainers ideas of fun things to do in group classes to help their clients dogs learn to stay as well as in private training sessions. Trainers could even use these games in workshops or seminars. 

If you are a pet dog owner and you just want to train your dog to stay, then this DVD will help you accomplish that. Through the games and exercises in the Rock Solid Stay DVD, you will develop a close relationship with your dog. 

All methods used are positive and humane!

The Rock Solid Stay DVD is packed with information, training tips, and games to play with your dog.

Positions - Sit, Down & Stand
Out of Sight
Stay at a door when it is wide open...
Stay Mat Work with a puppy or a dog
Proofing ideas to test the dogs stay.
Multiple dogs staying
Hot Dog Stay Game
50 USD
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