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Snuffle Matz Mini (10x10 including fabric)

Snuffle Matz Mini (10x10 including fabric)

We have a variety of colors and will ship what is available unless you purchase a custom snuffle mat.  Thank you!

What can you use a snuffle mat for:

If you have a dog that eats his meal too quickly, you can put his food in the snuffle mat and your dog will have to search around to find his food.  This will slow him/her down, which is much better for your dog.

If you have a dog that does not like to eat his/her dinner, the snuffle mat acts as a fun game for your dog to use his/her nose to search around and find food.

It gives your dog a job to do…

It helps calm dogs because as they sniff around to find the food, the sniffing has a calming effect on your dog.

It is great just to use as a puzzle toy where your dog has to use his/her nose to find food items.

Great for Agility, Trick, and Behavioral Modification Training

If you have a cat, you can sprinkle cat food or treats and allow your cat to search for his/her food.

It is fun to put cat nip on and let your cat rub and roll around on it and enjoy the cat nip…

Snuffle mats are made with a plastic kitchen sink liner and fleece.

They are also machine washable.

Here are a few videos of my dogs enjoying their treats using the snuffle mat…


1.  You should ALWAYS Supervise your dog/puppy to ensure they are not eating the snuffle mat.

2.  Remove the snuffle mat when there aren’t any treats left in it.

3.  USE COMMON SENSE!  If your dog tears or eats items such as fleece toys or other dog toys when they are left out, then your dog might also do that same behavior with the snuffle mat.

10 USD