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Teaching Advanced Trick Classes

Teaching Advanced Trick Classes

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Teaching dog tricks is one of the greatest joys of having a dog. Trick training is the best way, I believe, to interact with my dogs and it is an assured way to build a strong connection together. Teaching and performing dog tricks helps to build happy, confident dogs and is a great outlet for all of their energy

This E-book includes weekly lessons and video tutorials on how to direct your classes, as well as, directions on how to train the various tricks. Clicker training is emphasized and supported with important training tips. Soon you could be teaching a group of clients or friends how to train their dogs to perform fun and exciting tricks!

Roll in a blanket
The Police Frisk
Suitcase trick
Recycle bottles
Hike the hind leg
Open/Close doors
Jump over back
Side Step
Starting scent tricks (Box Nose work)
and more… (25 tricks total)

*This e-book also includes a video library with extra tricks that I did not previously release.

PDF file will be delivered by email upon payment
20 USD