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Teaching Group Clicker Training Classes

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Teaching Group Clicker Training Classes

Have you ever thought about teaching your own local group classes? Here’s an easy step-by-step approach to leading group instruction using positive reinforcement clicker training. This 70 minute DVD includes a guideline for pacing your clients along a six-week basic canine manners course. Included are the recommended training skills sets and how to progress appropriately through them.

Week 1: Clicker Basics, Check for understanding, Settle, Positive Interrupter, Name Game, Attention, Games, Sit, Down, and Stand.

Week 2: Release Cues, Verbal & Visual Cues, Stay - Duration, Leave it - beginner, Recall games, and Loose Leash Walking basics.

Week 3: Stay - Distance, Leave it - Intermediate, Recall Games, Loose Leash Walking - exercises, and going back over behaviors from previous lessons.

Week 4: Stay - Distractions, Leave it - Advanced, Recall Games, Loose Leash Walking - exercises, and Discussing with clients how things are going at home.

Week 5: Stay - Proofing, Leave it - Advanced, Loose Leash Walking - Exercises, Advanced Settle, Collar Grabs, and Recall Games.

Week 6: Pass the Leash Stay exercise, Loose Leash Walking - Exercises, Musical Chairs, and the 10 Treat Game to test for knowledge.
40 USD